Educational Seminars

Western Wood Structures is presenting two educational seminars next week to structural engineering groups.

The first seminar will be presented to the Structural Engineers Association of Maine on Monday February 28th starting at 5 pm. It will be held in the conference center of the Holiday Inn on Riverside Street in Portland, Maine.

The second seminar will be presented the following night to the Structural Engineers Association of Rhode Island. It will be held at the offices of Odeh Engineers, Inc. in North Providence, R.I. starting at 4:45 in the afternoon.

Paul Gilham, Chief Engineer for WWS, will be the speaker. The seminars will focus on the Rehabilitation and will highlight common problems that existing timber beams and trusses can have as well as what solutions are available to building owners for any required repairs and code upgrades. Case study examples will be used to illustrate the processes used by WWS for analyzing older structures as well as for the implementing of repairs.