Fort Belvoir Suspension Bridge

Accotink Wildlife Refuge is a 1,200 acre property located on the grounds of Fort Belvoir in Fairfax County, Virginia. Fort Belvoir was originally opened during WWI and is the largest employer in Fairfax County with more employees than even the Pentagon. Over the years it has served as headquarters for several Federal Agencies all under the United States department of defense.

The Wildlife refuge was established in 1979 and the original suspension bridge was built by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The nature preserve is home to countless species of birds as well as other wildlife such as Eastern Box Turtles, deer, and foxes, and is a popular destination for bird watchers and other outdoor enthusiasts. The “before and after” pictures shown below indicate just why it was time to replace this bridge.

Western Wood Structures recently completed construction of the replacement bridge. The new Glulam suspension bridge spans the Accotink Creek, measures 112’ between towers, and is 6’ wide between the rail systems. Glulam parallel chord trusses serve as the main carrying members and the efficient design results in top and bottom chord members that measure just 6.75” x 10.5”.

WWS engineered and supplied the bridge super structure and designed but did not supply the steel towers. And although the towers were already installed upon our arrival, WWS completed installation of this bridge in just 3 calendar weeks.

The General Contractor for this project was NTVI Enterprises of Falls Church, VA.