George Fox University Bridge

Located within a 15 minute drive of our facility, George Fox University is one of the top ranked Christian universities in the country. Their outstanding reputation for academics and athletic success is well known in this area. The result is record growth and an enrollment that is approaching 4,000 students.

In response, the school began construction this year on a new Residence Hall and has plans for a new 30,000 square-foot Dining Hall as well. The Residence Hall will house between 300 and 400 students and the dining Hall will seat about 550.

The campus, located in Newberg, Oregon, is divided by Hess Creek Canyon and in order to accommodate pedestrian and bike traffic between the new residence hall and dining facility to the main campus, a new treated timber bridge was installed. The Parallel Chord Truss style bridge was engineered, supplied, and installed by Western Wood Structures.  It is 12’ wide and has a clear-span of 220-feet.









This aerial photo shows the location of the new bridge – a minimal amount of tree removal took place to make room for the massive structure.









The bridge was pre-fabricated and trial assembled in our yard prior to pressure treatment.









After treatment, the bridge was pre-assembled in halves, one on each side of the canyon.









Each pre-assembled bridge half was rigged, lifted, and carefully set in place. Two large hydraulic cranes were used in the process, one operating from each side of the canyon.







Steel pins were used in the design to join the lower chords of the trusses at the center. This allowed for fast and efficient installation. The erection process was completed in about 2 hours.


The deck was installed after the bridge was set.