Hamlin Farms









When the owners of this century old farm in Corvallis, Oregon, decided they needed a shady place to relax after long days harvesting crops, they called the experts at Western Wood Structures. The result was this handsome Glulam patio cover that rises above the roof line in the back of their home and overlooks their property to the south.









The roof structure is supported by just four 6” Glulam columns that are embedded 5’-6” into concrete footings. The columns were manufactured from West Coast Douglas fir and pressure treated with light solvent penta for ground contact. The embedded portions of the columns were incised prior to treatment to ensure proper retention and or added protection the embedded portions were wrapped with Cubor wraps.









The other Glulams and T & G decking in the structure were manufactured from Port Orford cedar, a species of wood that is naturally resistant to decay. The use of the aesthetically pleasing Peaked & Cambered Glulams for the main carrying members allow for maximum interior height and great views. The application of a cedar toned stain finished off the attractive appearance. The concealed wiring to the roof mounted light fixture is accomplished by virtue of a “raceway” designed into one of the columns.

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The entire roof structure was pre-fabricated and test fit in the WWS fabrication shop which allowed the local contractor to install the structure quickly.

Conceptual design of the structure began with the owner’s sketch on a napkin and WWS supplied the final engineering and shop drawings.