Jordan Park

The Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District [THPRD] was founded in 1955 by a group of citizens who envisioned the future needs of their Beaverton, Oregon community. The mission of the THPRD is to “provide high quality park and recreational facilities, programs, services and natural areas that meet the needs of the diverse communities it serves”. THPRD serves 220,000 residents in an area covering 50 square miles. Within the 2,200 acres owned and/or maintained by THPRD today, they operate at least 90 parks containing 60 miles of paved and unpaved nature trails along with various recreation centers and swim complexes.

 Recognizing a strong need to provide better citizen access to Jordan Park, a Landscape Architect from THPRD contacted Western Wood Structures to inquire about the use of timber bridges and boardwalks. Following several site meetings and consultations, plans were developed and a contract was awarded to WWS to supply pre-fabricated bridge materials.

Three structures were required to complete this project:



This 40-foot side girder bridge rests on diamond piers foundations manufactured by Pin Foundations, Inc. These piers are light weight, low impact, and easy to transport and install. The bridge deck as well as the post & rail system was manufactured from recycled plastic lumber.


This 20-foot short span bridge was constructed at the base of a stairway system and traverses a narrow drainage ditch. It connects to a pathway system that leads to an elevated boardwalk over an environmentally sensitive area. The boardwalk is 32’-6” in length and is also supported by diamond piers.