Mt. View Drainage Crossing – Testimonial

Every once in a while we receive a nice letter from a customer commending us on the work we have done. I think this one is especially worth sharing.



Hazen and crew:

Completed the 40′ x 18′ bridge assembly today.  Basically 120 man hours with a 3 – man crew with no experience assembling a glu-lam bridge.  We took extreme care in getting the sills as close to perfectly level and square as we could.  We set girders, installed diaphragms, set deck panels on leaving all fasteners loose while setting the curb as we went.  We had to ream exactly 3 holes from deck to deck clips.  Tightened her all up and that was it.

Let me say that simply being “impressed” with your quality control is a complete understatement.  I have no idea how one can manufacture, with wood, to such precision.   Whatever you are doing, keep doing it.

Our customer on this build is as impressed as we are.  As you know, there are a couple more bridges in the works for this particular drainage.  At one time, alternate materials were under consideration for one particular crossing.  After seeing the quality of your product, the phrase “steel plate girder” is no longer being used.

I’ve attached a picture; feel free to use it anywhere you need to.  I will get those loaner reamers you sent us rounded up and returned, and the check is in the mail.

Best regards,

Justin Marchbanks
Glacier Bay Construction, Inc
Gustavus, AK

Mt. View Drainage Crossing