Olympia Fireplace


Downtown Olympia, Washington has experienced three major fires in recent years. On Easter morning of 2011, a fire broke out in a 6,500 s/f warehouse that was used by Olympia Fireplace & Spa for its inventory. The fire destroyed the Bowstring Truss roof structure as well as the building contents.

 After an insurance settlement was reached, Scott Wall Construction began work to re-build the warehouse. The character of the original building was maintained by the use of modern Bowstring Trusses that were manufactured from Douglas Fir Glulam.  The top and bottom chords of the 54’ long trusses were 8.75” x 12” and the webs were 8.75 x 9”.

There were seven trusses required to complete the roof structure. They were supplied, fabricated, and assembled by Western Wood Structures. Pre-assembly of trusses in the shop served as an advantage to the GC because assembly took place in an enclosed building thereby keeping the truss members dry and clean in the days prior to installation.













Following shop assembly the trusses were loaded and transported to Olympia on one flatbed truck.