Seismic Rehabilitation Grant Program

The Seismic Rehabilitation Grant Program (SRGP) is a State of Oregon competitive grant program that provides funding for the seismic rehabilitation of critical public buildings, particularly public schools and emergency services facilities. The purpose is to reduce losses in the case of a major seismic event in the future.

Rehabilitation means that these buildings be retrofitted to Life Safety and emergency services to immediate occupancy standards as defined by ASCE. All Public K-12 school districts in Oregon are eligible for this grant program as well as certain emergency services facilities, particularly first responder buildings. School gymnasiums, cafeterias, and MP rooms are of high priority because they could potentially be used as emergency shelters in disasters.

Many of our schools were built during and prior to the 1960s. This means that many of the critical main carrying members built from wood are overstressed and do not meet current code requirements. These could be Glulam beams or in many cases Bowstring Trusses.

Western Wood Structures has been involved in at least 28 public schools during the past three years as a design-build specialty subcontractor. We often get hired to inspect the timber members in one of these grant buildings. Following our inspection, we provide our clients with structural analysis of the members and a report outlining any structural issues. We then offer recommendations for necessary structural repairs and strengthening (code upgrades).

Below are examples of schools we have been involved with:

Grant HS 1    

 Grant HS 2

Grant Union High School – John Day, Oregon

The main Glulam Beams in this gymnasium span 110’ and are nearly 6-feet in depth. They had developed “splits” over the years from insufficient bearing. WWS installed fully threaded lag bolts in the beams to repair the splits and to restore the shear capacity. WWS also post tensioned the beams to increase their carrying capacity to meet current code requirements. Finally, horizontal “wind trusses” were installed in the end bays.

Tillamook High School – Tillamook, Oregon

WWS repaired the 100-foot long Bowstring Trusses in this gymnasium by removing and replacing broken members. The trusses were brought up to current code requirements by 1) adding a post tensioning system to the lower chords; 2) by stiffening web members; and 3) by installing clamping mechanisms to fully support all unsupported top chord soffit cuts at the truss bearings.


Baker High School – Baker City, Oregon

WWS installed a post tensioning system to the lower chords of these trusses to increase their carrying capacity.

Gold Beach High School – Gold Beach, Oregon

The 92-foot long Bowstring Trusses were brought up to current code by adding stiffeners to the top chords and by installing a post tensioning system to the lower chords.