The Bridges of Bothell

The Sammamish River Trail extends along the Sammamish River for nearly 11 miles connecting the communities of Bothell and Redmond in the state of Washington. The 12’ wide trail is paved its entire length and is used extensively by hikers and joggers as well as by non-motorized commuters. A bridge designed and supplied by Western Wood Structures was built in 1986 to connect the Park at Bothell Landing to this trail. The “Bowstring” Truss style bridge spans 80’.

Within the past four years, Western Wood Structures has supplied and installed three more treated timber bridges in the Bothell area. They span North Creek and are located along North Creek Trail, a multi-purpose shared path linking the communities of Bothell, Mill Creek, and Everett. Two of the bridges are nearly identical spanning 100 feet. One is located next to 195th Street and the other next to 228th Street. The third bridge is located at 240th Street and spans 74 feet.

The pre-fabricated bridges were assembled on site and lifted into place as a complete unit.

The three newer bridges resemble the original curved bridge at Bothell Landing and the city of Bothell, known as a city of rivers, has adopted a small arched bridge as its new city logo.