The SUNY Canton College Bridges

Many students who attend The SUNY Canton College of Technology in Canton, New York reside in off-campus housing across the Grasse 2012-10-03_13-15-33_755.1River in the village of Canton. In order to access the campus on foot they utilize two new Glulam pedestrian bridges which were engineered, fabricated, and supplied by Western Wood Structures. These modern bridges span the river to an island in between.

 There were two original bridges built in the 1960’s which had reached the end of their life spans even after rehabilitation work that was performed during the 1990’s. The new replacement bridges connect the island to the village on one side and to the campus on the other side and are 108’ and 204’ in length. The bridge components were manufactured from West Coast Douglas Fir and were pressure treated after complete fabrication to insure a long service life which is expected to be 75+ years.

 Both bridges are covered and are designed as Burr Arch Truss styles. The roof structures consist of 2x joists, plywood sheathing and standing seam metal roofing. The ceiling is covered with exposed T & G Cedar paneling. The bridge on the campus side is 8’ in width and is designed to allow access for light maintenance vehicles.

 The General Contractor, Murnane Building Contractors, Inc. of Plattsburgh, NY pre-assembled the bridges on the ground and set them in sections. The existing concrete abutments were utilized in the new design.


  11.1These bridges recently received an Honorable Mention Award from national educational publication LEARNING BY DESIGN magazine for their purpose driven design.