The Tioga Bridge

In May of 2010, authorization was granted by BLM to fund a project east of Roseburg, Oregon which provided improvements and modifications to the Susan Creek Day – Use Area. Components of this package included trail construction, improvements and modifications, the construction of new Gazebos, and the construction of a new 270 foot long pre-engineered Glulam Bridge.

The Tioga Bridge as it is known was placed on existing concrete piers which once supported a bridge that was once part of an existing road system that washed out in 1964. By utilizing the existing piers, the BLM realized considerable costs savings in the project.

The replacement bridge was advertised for bids and the specifications required design, pre-fabrication, and supply of all bridge components. Western Wood Structures was awarded a sub-contract by Timber Mountain Construction of Southern Oregon to design, supply, and install the bridge.











The original bridge was washed out in 1964.

The new bridge was supported by the existing abutments.

the bridge components were pre-fabricated and a coat of stain was applied in the shop following pressure treatment.

The center span of the new bridge was pre-assembled on site prior to installation.

The center span of the new bridge was lifted into place.

The new bridge is now in use.