Many of our customers rely on the capabilities of our Engineering, Field Services and Custom Fabrication Departments. These services are offered in several ways.

Western Wood Structures can:

  1. Provide in-house engineering for projects requiring design. We currently hold engineering licenses in 45 states.
  2. Act as a sub-contractor to furnish and install timber domes, bridges and commercial roof structures, or to implement structural repairs.
  3. Provide in-house Custom Fabrication Services to support our sales of heavy timber trusses, prefabricated timber bridges and shelters, and any additional custom fabrication requirements.
  4. Furnish a superintendent to consult with your crew in the installation of our products.
  5. Provide inspection services, evaluation and analysis of existing timber structures, heavy timber trusses and Glulam beams.

Click on the “Services” pull-down menu in the navigation bar above for examples of the variety of services we provide in the field, as well as the types of specialty fabrication work done in our shop.