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Our timber bridges are designed and fabricated using pressure-treated, glued-laminated wood (Glulam).

That’s right, one of the oldest known bridge materials – naturally beautiful timber – is still one of the best. Today’s strong, economical, and versatile Glulam can last more than 75 years when properly pressure-treated and maintained.

Western Wood Structures designs and supplies timber bridge systems for vehicular and pedestrian use, including installations for developments, municipalities, golf course and forest service needs. We have designed and supplied more than 5,000 timber bridges since 1969.

A Complete Package

To make things simpler for our customers, we supply a completely prefabricated, custom-designed timber bridge package, using the finest available Glulam, sawn timber, hardware and steel. All wood members are pressure-treated after fabrication, creating a treatment envelope that provides protection from insects and decay, greatly extending the service life of the contemporary timber bridge.

Our bridge packages include detailed fabrication and assembly drawings that enable even minimally experienced field personnel to install a typical bridge kit in a short period of time. Or, if you prefer, use our experienced crews to install your bridge.

How Much Will It Cost?

We welcome your inquiries. You can look at associated costs by doing one of the following:

1.  Call toll-free (800) 547-5411 or e-mail our experienced bridge sales team for an initial cost estimate. Due to our level of experience, we can quickly deliver preliminary estimates based on the intended bridge length, width and loading. This is often done well in advance of a project, when amounts need to be plugged in for planning purposes.

2.  Get a firm price by providing a bridge sales representative with the basic design information on the inquiry form, which can be found following the bridge photo examples. Or simply gather the information and call us. Our staff will continue to work with you as your timber bridge is designed, supplied and erected.

Show Me Some Examples

Click on the “Timber Bridges” pull-down menu in the navigation bar above to see typical examples of pedestrian and vehicular timber bridges. From a small wooden bridge spanning a mountain stream, to the longest clear-span, timber vehicular bridge in the world, Western Wood Structures is your complete timber bridge company.

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