Timber Domes

Varax timber dometimber domelarge clear span wood structureclear span wood structureLarge clear span wood structurewooden domeVarax timber dometimber dometimber dometimber domelarge clear span wood structure
Tacoma Dome / Tacoma, WA - 530 ft Clear Span Timber Dome
Tacoma Dome / Tacoma, WA - Movable Seating Configured for an NBA Game
Gymnasium Dome / Ashiro, Japan
Belledune Coal Storage Dome / New Brunswick, Canada
Bijie Timber Dome / Guiyang, China
Bijie Timber Dome / Guiyang, China
Chiles Center / Portland, OR - 305 ft Span Glulam Dome
Columbia Park Pool Cover / Portland, OR - Pressure Treated Glulam and Decking
Skydome at Northern Arizona University / Flagstaff, AZ - Early Stage of Construction
Skydome at Northern Arizona University / Flagstaff, AZ
Charles Wright Academy / Tacoma, WA - Non-spherical Timber Dome


VARAX timber domes by Western Wood Structures are an attractive and economical design option for architects, engineers and owners needing an optimal solution to the challenges of designing medium-to-large, clear-span spaces. Timber domes designed and erected by WWS can span up to 800 feet.

Though mostly circular, VARAX timber domes can be designed to fit nearly any base configuration and display absolute balance and perfection of line. When combined with applied synthetics, a wooden dome delivers R-values of 30 or more, and can dramatically lower ongoing utility costs.

Timber domes consist of a three-dimensional grid system of intermeshing great circle ribs, with an optional steel plate tension ring around the base. The steel hubs accommodate all Glulam members as well as forces such as axial tension or compression, shears and moments. The roof is typically sheathed with 2″ T/G decking, allowing VARAX timber domes to be classified as Type IV Heavy Timber construction.

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